Get Creative for Valentine’s Day!

Happy Hump Day ya’ll! So it is the 11th of Feb, which means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! I have a fabulous, creative & personal gift idea for you all today. You want to know what else is right around the corner?!?! Another snowstorm for us Massholes. With that said, I’ve also included a little snow storm survival guide! Both post were originally posted on my personal blog, The Coco Chronicles, check it out for more pics and ideas. 🙂

I’ve been waiting a year to share with you the gift I made & gave last year. I was going to say it’s my favorite gift to give but that sounds weird & I’ve only given it once. I was inspired on Pinterest to create this little year of dates gift.


The way you can tailor this gift to make it special is what I love about it. Make it specific to the interests of your S.O. or think outside the box and go for things you both have never done before.*

Even the packaging is up to you! I may have went overboard in heart stickers, pinks and reds but I wanted this gift to be special and unique.


Since you can basically do whatever you want with this gift and spend as little or a much as like, there are no instructions! A plus for both of us! You can check out some of my date ideas & more photos over on my personal blog, The Coco Chronicles.

And there you have it, a crafty, thoughtful gift to give!**

*Warning: Just because you spend the time creating this very thoughtful gift does not actually mean you will go on any of these dates or have the relationship last the full year.

Keep vodka, wine or beer on hand in case.

**If the first * happens, it is perfectly acceptable to grab your beautifully created box and run. Share those dates with someone else ladies!


photo via fuckjerry



Yet again, we (Massachusetts folks ) are looking to be victims of another snowstorm. I’m not complaining though, pretty sure my arms and abs will be ready for summer after all this shoveling. But if your shoveling is done (or you don’t have to shovel, you lucky duck you) and you’re now stuck inside, I’ve got just the survival kit for you.


  1. Laptop for Netflix-ing, HBOgo-ing and of course Pinning.
  2. Coffee to get yourself ready for a shoveling marathon
  3. Nail Polish & Face Masks to make yourself not feel winter ugly.
  4. A sweet treat or two
  5. Champagne to make Mimosas…Do I need to explain why this is necessary for snow days? I think not.


My Survival Kit Recommendations:


The Fall. Whether you’re a Jamie Dornan fan or only know him as christian gray, you will enjoy this show. It’s gotten quite the acclaim over in Ireland and is a must see. Plus I don’t know what’s hotter, Dornan as a hot for brunettes serial killer or his (Christian Grey’s) red room of pain.

The Whale. I’m a sucker for documentaries and a sucker for whales. If you want a good cry while you pump yourself full of mimosas this is the documentary for you. Narrated by Ryan Reynolds, The Whale introduces you to Luna, who befriends humans after being separated from his family…pass the damn tissues please.

UnHung Hero. Ladies this is what happens when you tell a man he’s small…


Do you really have to ask? Start re-watching every episode of Game Of Thrones. I mean c’mon…April is coming. Thank you lord!!!!!



Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer

I picked these three books, well, because they are my favorites. Wild & Into the Wild are both books about giving up what you know and going. Both books are adventurous, mesmerizing and for me at least, let me dream of life on the road or on the crest. I admire people gutsy enough to do what the subjects of these books do.

Unbroken reminds me of all the stories my grandfather used to tell me about war. Although I never heard one quite like this, the book is a great read and an amazing true story of an Olympian turned World War II Lieutenant.


Nail Polish:

That’s Essie’s “Take It Outside” I enjoy this color because I’m not tough but my nails say otherwise.

Face Masks:

Both masks are Birchbox specials, Dr. Brandt Pore Vacuum and Cuppa Cuppa.

As for the rest of the survival kit, any kind of alcohol, candy and coffee will do the job.

Enjoy your snow day!!



Quick…Just Add Kale!

Ever eat dinner and afterwards feel like you nibbled on a cracker and called it a day?? That’s a total WTF feeling. It’s also an “ugh we’re on a diet” feeling. We all know that feeling sucks!

Marie and I have both been texting back and fourth about how we are feeling not so healthy and a little heavier, thanks to the holidays and bad winter eating habits. Chilly weather for me equals snacking and not much motivation unless your asking me to snuggle and watch netflix. I’ll throw on my best sweatpants for that.

As for fitness, running, walking & playing outdoors sports (which is my favorite type of working out) are all pretty much out of the question for this girl if it’s below 40 degrees. So I have to make it up somehow, and that somehow is changing my diet up a bit. This change has left me feeling hungry and I hate it. I also don’t have a lot of time to be chef Courtney. I need the easiest & quickest meals during the week due to my work hours.

I found one meal that takes about 20 minutes to throw together and is tasty…and filling…praise the lord!

What you need is:

beef (for stir frying)

Lawry’s Sesame Ginger Marinade

Red Pepper Flakes

Rice (white or brown) I used a ready in 10-minute brown rice

Salt (optional)


Olive Oil


What to do:

I throw the beef into the marinade  before I leave for work in the morning so it can marinate for hours & hours 🙂 First things first, I preheat the oven to 300 and start to boil water. I then begin to brown the beef in a sauce pan and add the red pepper flakes to give it a pop. I LOVE me some hot spicy food, so the red pepper flakes are an optional ingredient. While the beef is cooking, throw your rice into boil and begin on the kale. Using a nonstick pan, spread out decent sized pieces of kale. Sprinkle with olive oil, salt, pepper and then pop into oven and bake until edges are brown. Usually takes around 20-25 minutes. Annnnd Presto, in about 20 minutes you have some yummy steak bites, rice and kale chips to fill you up! This is the perfect meal for someone like me who gets home around 7:30 and doesn’t want to have to eat at 9 o’clock at night. The Kale chips are the perfect add-on to any meal to make you full and ready for bed!





National Dog Day!

Happy National Dog Day!!!

Marie and I are both animal lovers and while at the moment Marie isn’t a doggy mama, I have enough furry “siblings” for the both of us! My mom does a lot of work with rescue leagues and has adopted two special pups through these leagues. Luckily I get just enough free time during the week to travel home and take these babes for walks, runs and what not.

Here’s my National Dog Day pics…

This is Skye, she's a 2 year old rescue mutt from Alabama.

This is Skye, she’s a 2 year old rescue mutt from Alabama.


The newest furry family member is this guy, Elmer. A 12 year old who thinks he’s still a pup.

And last but not least, this handsome guy, Gunther. I found this guy through a rescue and decided to sponsor him. Due to lease restrictions & what not, I am unable to adopt him but through the sponsoring program, I get to help out his awesome foster family.


So there you have it, my furry family members minus two very jealous cats.


30 days till 30 Bucket List

Check out the list I’m trying to complete within the next 30 days, well 28 now! AGH! As we speak I’m completing one of my tasks, getting ready to cross it off my list! Hint: It was so relaxingggg & I feel like a new woman HA. Stay tuned Sismancers!

Happy Monday, folks!

As promised, here is the full bucket list.

  1. Go paddle boarding– because nothing says fun more than using all your ab muscles to balance on a board while using your arms to move yourself & said board through fish and shark infested water, right? Ha, just kidding, although I have absolutely no upper body strength, I’ve wanted to do this forever, so well, I’m doing it.
  2. Make a T-shirt quilt– make a quilt…I know, I know I’m turning 30, not 65.
  3. Be the only person on an island…I will figure this one out, don’t you worry.
  4. Watch a sunrise…and not be half dead on a redeye flight, squinting out a JetBlue window, I want to truly enjoy it.
  5. Start Blogging again…I love it, I need to do it.
  6. Get a new hairstyle…I know, not crazy, but I’ve legit dealt with this mop being the same style…

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Almost 30…

Hey all!!! Courtney here, an almost 30 year old me! AHHH! I’ve started blogging again & have my 30 days before 30 bucket list started! You can follow my almost 30 journey here and on my personal blog, the Coco Chronicles! Hope you Enjoy!

Hey all!

Long Time, No Talk…

I have been dying to blog for a while now, but procrastination sank in & a tad bit of laziness too and I slacked off for the past couple months, and by couple months I mean all of 2014. Yikes!


I’m back!

Recently I’ve had a couple of changes in my life that  and while laying in bed the other night thinking about everything (why is it we always think when we want to sleep?!?!)I realized that I only had a little more than a month till I turn 30. THIRTY, THREE-ZERO. AGH.

My daddio & me To think this feels like just yesterday 😉

I’ll have to admit, one of these changes has had me feeling pretty horrid and while laying there I thought to myself, that there’s no way I can spend the last weeks of my twenties feeling this way. So I decided to live it up during my…

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Christmas Gift Wrap!

Check out one of Courtney’s Christmas Gift Wrapping ideas!

The brown Kraft paper gift wrap look is my absolute favorite! I purchased a large roll at Michaels, Perfect for a lot of wrapping or to put away and save for next year! To make these gifts a little fun, I added glitter stickers also purchased at Michaels & some patterned paper.

photo 1

photo 2


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Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Happy Thanksgiving Eve all!

Here are some cute, easy and not so expensive tablescape ideas for the holiday. I used vintage tableware, mini pumpkins from Trader Joes, pinecones from the yard and a few other odds and ends from around the house. If you want to check out more pictures check out The Coco Chronicles by our very own Courtney.